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CPB Compliance


WKMS Response to 2021 Station Activity Survey Section 6(.pdf)

Murray State University Diversity Statement


Meetings of the WKMS Community Advisory Board, an informal group of interested individuals from around the region formed to advise station staff.

Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Schedule.

The MSU Board of Regent Meetings are held in the west Board Room upstairs in Pogue Library and include a Public Access Opportunity. The board's meeting schedule is available here

A list of board members islocated here

 WKMS Community Advisory Board:

Members include:

Wesley Bolin, Murray

Jennifer Brown, Hopkinsville

Chris Chapman, Murray

David Denton, Paducah

Marcy Downes, Murray

Jessica Evans, Murray

Jim Gould, Paducah

Dave Howe, Murray 

Howell Hopson, Cadiz

Caroline Ideus, Martin

Ashley Ireland, Murray

Bonnie Koblitz, Paducah

Hon. Joe Leberman, Simpson IL

Darlene Mazzone, Paducah

Geneva Parris, Cadiz

Dr. Peggy Pittman-Munke, Murray

Tom & Cherry Pyron, Clinton

Dr. Roger Reichmuth, Murray

Allan Rhodes, Paducah

John & Gayle Rufli, Cadiz

Rev Gregory Waldrop, Calvert City

John Williams Jr., Paducah

Dr. Patrick Withrow, Paducah

Aviva Yasgur, Murray