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CPE President Says Staff Working Toward Tuition Cap Decision in Light of Kentucky Budget

Council on Postsecondary Education

Kentucky’s Council on Postsecondary Education President Bob King says his staff is working through the state budget passed this week to determine the tuition cap for universities across the state.

Last year, CPE capped tuition increases at 3 percent. The budget calls for a 1.5 percent operational funding cut in addition to the state-mandated pension increase, which universities must fund half. For Murray State, that increase alone totals $700,000.

King says CPE has been fairly consistent with how large a part tuition plays in funding.

“We have, at least since I’ve been here, only permitted the campuses to fill about 50 percent of the hole with tuition, which has compelled them then to have to find efficiencies on the campuses to fill the balance so that, you know, the campuses can operate successfully,” he said.

King adds that the state budget still isn’t final, and that Gov. Steve Beshear, who proposed a 2.5 percent cut, could still veto the measure.

King says the CPE will announce its tuition cap decision at its next meeting April 28 and 29 at Murray State.

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