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Kentucky Public School Students Make a Better Grade on ACT

Kentucky's ACT scores are improving at a higher rate than students nationally.  Kentucky's composite ACT average has improved almost a full percentage point over the last four years.  State Department of Education Associate Commissioner Ken Draut says that's promising.


"In the ACT world, a point one gain, point two gain is considered a very nice gain across time.  What we're seeing across time is, you know picking up a full point over five years in several different areas," said Draut.

Draut says ACT scores can be a good predictor of how students will fair in their first semester of college.  The Assessment and Accountability specialist says the scores don't necessarily indicate success in the workplace.  "I have not seen any research that connects ACT with any kind of long term success or work world success.  It really is a predictor for college and, of course, college then predicts, if you get a college degree that's probably the best predictor for having a long career," added Draut.

Kentucky's 19.9 % composite score for 2014 still trails the national composite score of 21.1%.  However, Draut says Kentucky's scores have increased at a quicker pace.  He says the improvement indicates the state's career and academic readiness initiatives are working. ?

Stu Johnson is a reporter/producer at WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky.
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