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Meet Murray State International Student David Song


Murray State University's Institute for International Studies recruits students to Murray State and addresses their needs, offers an English as a Second Language program, and manages the University's Education Abroad program. As of this Tuesday, Fall Enrollment counts 824 international students on campus: 468 in undergraduate programs, 344 in graduate programs. On Sounds Good, we meet one of the graduate students: David Song of Seoul, South Korea.

David Song chose to come to Murray State University because of the school's (and region's) large Christian community. The son of a pastor in Seoul, this was an important factor in his decision to study abroad. He also feels that the university is safe, with a good environment, and that this helped him narrow down his selection from a list of schools suggested by an educational agency.

Last summer, Song received his bachelor's degree from Murray State and is now working towards his Masters of Business Administration, currently taking marketing finance classes. He wishes to work in the United States after he graduates.

Airfare going back home is expensive, over $1,500 for a ticket, so he only visits his family during summer break: grandmother, father, mother and younger brother. There are 12 million people in Seoul, so it can feel quite crowded compared to Murray. Last summer, he worked in a government patent office and enjoyed his experience observing the inflow and outflow of finances and technologies.

Since coming to Murray, Song had make a few adjustments. First, he had to purchase a car to travel from the home of his host family to campus. In South Korea, the public rail transportation system is well integrated, but in Murray he found the flexibility of being able to drive desirable, even the various city taxes, stickers and parking permits were interesting, as he'd never before had that experience. Second, the Business building on campus gets quite cold in the summer, and Song had to pack a second layer of clothes to change into during his summer studies.

One of the best Korean restaurants within a days drive is in Atlanta, a trip he's made four times, despite its long lines upon arrival. Song loves to cook for his host family and says the Walmart in Murray has a great selection of ingredients for traditional recipes and that when he needs to, Clarksville has a few stores stocked with Korean groceries.

We'll meet another international student next month in our new series on Sounds Good.

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