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Marshall County Schools Developing Student-Driven Learning Model


Marshall County Schools are trying a new approach to elementary education. 

District Instructional Supervisor Abby Griffy says starting next fall, 3rd through 5th grade students and their parents will be able to choose between the Legacy Model of education, which is similar to the teacher-led instruction in place now, and the Discovery Model, which is driven by the students themselves.

“The new model has competency based learning. That means that it’s not by the end of this week you have to take a test over this. It doesn’t work like that. It works where, ‘Okay, I know how to do this now. I’m going to show the teacher I know how to do this and I know what it means.’ The teacher will assess that student and when they show them that they understand that, then they move on,” Griffy said.

Griffy says the new model is similar to the Montessori Method. Kids in the discovery model will be in multiage groups and have the freedom to choose what they work on and when. Griffy says the goal is to encourage students to take charge of their learning.

Griffy says students and parents will be able to decide which learning model will serve them best. She says both models are equal in building skills and competency, just the Legacy Model is more structured than the Discovery Model.

Parent meetings begin next month to see how many students will enroll in the discovery model, after which school officials will further develop curriculum and other program details. The school is looking to implement the new models starting next fall.

A proud native of Murray, Kentucky, Allison grew up roaming the forests of western Kentucky and visiting national parks across the country. She graduated in 2014 from Murray State University where she studied Environmental Sustainability, Television Production, and Spanish. She loves meeting new people, questioning everything, and dancing through the sun and the rain. She hopes to make a positive impact in this world several endeavors at a time.
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