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Kentucky University Students Rally in Frankfort

J. Tyler Franklin

Kentucky university students rallied at the State Capitol Monday on issues like budget cuts, tuition rates and debt for close to two hours.

Among those gathered in the rotunda was Northern Kentucky University sophomore Kirsten Huff. The philosophy major admits student debt is weighing on her mind.

“Well, I am one of the ones that take out loans, and my biggest issue is that I do want to go to law school right after I go undergrad and I’m gonna have so much already stacked up, it’s gonna be tough for me to succeed in what I want to do monetary wise,” Huff said.

Eastern Kentucky University sophomore Burce Horseman is worried about the performance-based funding proposal. He’s concerned schools with larger enrollments like the University's of Kentucky and Louisville will have an unfair advantage when it comes to divvying up state funds.

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