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Murray State Professor Rusty Jones Authors New Book Exploring Satire as an Activisitic Art


You can see satire almost anywhere including, parody songs, late night television and magazines.

But there's a long history to this form of comedy and mockery. There's a new book that dissects the history and impact of satire and its author is Murray State English and Philosophy Professor Rusty Jones.

Fellow Faculty Member Andy Black speaks with Dr. Jones about the book titled: "Satire in the Elizabethan Era: An Activistic Art."


The book argues that in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century – the “English Renaissance” –, satire of the period went far beyond merely persuasion, but worked to build communities that were devoted to genuine social and cultural change. The book also looks at modern day examples alongside these older ones.

Rusty is Associate Professor of English and Philosophy, and serves as the Humanities Coordinator. He most recently one the University’s Distinguished Researcher Award.


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