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SIU System May Undergo a Leadership Change

SIU President Randy Dunn
SIU President Randy Dunn

The Southern Illinois University system may undergo a change in leadership.

The Executive Committee of the SIU Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting Friday in Carbondale to consider placing system President Randy Dunn on administrative leave and naming an acting president.

In a written statement, board secretary Joel Sambursky said after last week's Board of Trustees meeting, the Board received additional information that led him to believe, for the health of the SIU System, a special meeting of the Executive Committee is necessary.

Dunn told the Chicago Tribune he did not request the leave of absence and did not know about Friday's meeting ahead of time.

Dunn faced criticism in an editorial last month, which claimed his actions on a proposed funding reallocation favored SIU Edwardsville, and shut out SIU Carbondale.

Dunn says he's not favoring one campus over another, rather that he's working on behalf of the system.

The reallocation plan was defeated at the April Board of Tustees meeting.

State Representatives Terri Bryant, Dave Severin and Natalie Phelps-Finnie have called for Dunn to step down.


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