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COVID-19 Testing Mandatory For Students Returning To UK

Stu Johnson
Kentucky Public Radio

Students returning to the University of Kentucky for the fall semester are getting a test before they even step foot inside a classroom.  All students coming back to campus are required to undergo coronavirus testing.

Geology Graduate Student Edward Lo was one of the students stopping by the free testing site near the UK Library.  He’s been getting tested for COVID-19 weekly. “I would hope they would encourage you to do it every week or two.  I’m not a public health expert but I would imagine, considering the 14 day quarantine, you probably want to do it every couple of weeks, at the minimum,” said Lo.

Lo participated in walk-up testing at one of four such sites on the Lexington campus. There is drive through testing in the lot next to Kroger Field.  Brooklyn Ledford, a sophomore from Barbourville also got tested. “I think everybody should be tested before they go back to school, just to make sure that everybody stays safe, nobody can get sick.  I know there’s always a chance that we can get sick but as long as we lower the possibilities,” explained Ledford.

Scheduled testing at UK campus sites continues through August 22nd.  Classes begin August 17th.

Tyler Gayheart is UK Director of Strategic Communications and Enterprise Salesforce Operations. “We have students from all over the country.  We have students that are coming from some of those states that are considered high volume right now in terms of cases and so this is really for their protection.  It’s for us to understand kind of where we are at the University as we start back in the fall,” said Gayheart.

Gayheart said the testing of the student body allows for intervening, providing care, and directing to isolation if need be.  Gayheart added a panel is looking into the need for future testing, but no decisions have been made yet.  A representative with the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education says it appears UK is the only state university requiring COVID testing for returning students.?

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