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Snake Bites on the Rise

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Kentucky wildlife officials say you’ll need to watch where you step when you head outside. Snake bites are on the rise in the Commonwealth.  

The copperhead is responsible for nearly two dozen poisonous snake bites this year, an all time high, and the year is only half over. Kentucky Reptile Zoo Director James Harrison blames the increase on weather conditions. 

"We have a lot of storm damage. We had a mild winter. We've had a drought. All of those are kind of playing into a thing where they're causing people to have more contact with the snakes. Because snakes are coming down to where there's water. People are going to where there's water. People are trying to clean up after storm damage," says Harrison. 

Harrison says anyone bitten by a poisonous snake should get to a hospital as soon as possible.  He says applying ice or attempting to suck out the poison out could potentially make the bite worse.

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