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KDA Spraying for Mosquitoes in Calloway County

Wikimedia Commons

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has expedited efforts to relieve Calloway County residents from floodwater mosquitoes. KDA began spraying earlier this week after requests were made by the Calloway County Health Department to send mosquito control services to the area.



Director for the Division of Environmental Services David Wayne said concentrated spraying efforts have been completed in the eastern part of the county. Some central and western areas in the county were sprayed, as well.


Wayne said the department employed truck-mounted fog machines to spray small droplets of pesticide into targeted woodland areas from the road, and the chemical is EPA-approved. He said the machines distribute the pesticide at a low volume - approximately one ounce per acre- and targets adult mosquitoes.


“That small droplet size floats in the air, kind of like a fog, and the mosquito flies around and comes in contact with it and takes in just enough chemical to be lethal to the mosquito.” Wayne said.


According to Wayne, local floodwater mosquitoes are not capable of carrying the Zika virus at this time; however, like all mosquitoes they can transmit other diseases. He said that the most effective way to control the pest is to make sure there’s no standing water in the area-anything that holds at least an ounce of water can become a nursery for mosquito larva.


“You know, if there’s buckets out there, dump the water out; if you have kid’s toys that are holding water, dump the water out; if you have a clogged gutter clean it out so all the water flows out.” Wayne said.


Reducing those breeding sites, he said, “is going to be the biggest help for anyone who’s dealing with nuisance mosquitoes at their home.”


The KDA also recommends wearing clothing that covers as much skin as possible if you are in an area with a lot of mosquitoes. Even a light covering is enough to stave off a mosquito bite.  



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