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Warmer Weekend Ahead, Though Some Roads May Not Thaw Until Sunday

As roads begin to thaw this weekend, be on the lookout for icy patches and potholes.
Credit Courtesy Tennessee Highway Patrol's Nashville District

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After nearly a week of freezing temperatures, Middle Tennessee will start to thaw on Saturday. Meteorologist Matt Reagan with the National Weather Service in Nashville says a warming trend will help people get back on the roads soon.

“The interstates, I believe they’ll probably be in decent shape later on [Friday],” Reagan says. “The backroads, again, you’ll just have to use caution and know the local area, cause there could still be some patches of ice and snow, you know even tomorrow and possibly even Sunday morning.”

As roads thaw during the day, stay on the lookout for possible refreezing at night. Public safety officials warn people not to drive if it isn’t necessary.

If you do have to travel they advise driving slowly and leaving plenty of distance between you and the next car so that you’re able to brake if necessary.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is already reporting troublesome potholes on I-24, which often pop up after winter storms.

On Saturday, forecasters are calling for sunny skies and highs in the low 40s. Then, on Sunday, temperatures are expected to top 50 degrees.

Reagan says several factors help determine how quickly snow and ice will melt. Temperature is obviously a major component, but sunlight is also an important factor. He even says time of year can affect the thawing rate. “If this was, let’s say, mid-March it would melt a lot faster just because of the sun angle.”

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