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Williams Says Governor's Actions Will Not Extend Special Session

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Kentucky Senate President David Williams says Governor Steve Beshear’s latest action on the state road plan will not lead to an extended special session.

Governor Steve Beshear has changed the two-year road plan to give projects in Williams’s district a lower priority. Those were the only modifications the governor made.

Williams had promised not to consider a bill to fund the road plan until Beshear acted on the unfunded measure. Despite his displeasure with Beshear’s move, Williams says the Senate will approve a funding bill and should adjourn the special session within five days.

“It’s an extremely partisan and vindictive move by the governor. I’ve learned to expect that of him and it challenges my capacity to be able to forgive. And I do forgive the governor for what’s he’s done to the people of my district and hope they can forgive him,” Williams says.

Williams believes the vetoes are unconstitutional, but he doesn’t expect to challenge the governor on the issue. The governor and House leaders have contended that the vetoes are legal.

Shelly Baskin works in MSU's Office of Regional Outreach and is a graduate student in Occupational Safety and Health. A roustabout from Memphis, Tennessee, Shelly first found his way into WKMS through the newsroom back in 2011 through luck, charm and force of will. Though he left news for another position, he still enjoys working on independent radio projects and volunteering for the station. He’s an avid disc golfer and occasional real golfer and is terrible at both. A lover of all things musical, Shelly is always ready to hear something new and unique.
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