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Voter Registration Roles Static Before Alcohol Vote

Wikimedia Commons

Calloway County Clerk Ray Coursey Jr. says he has not seen an increase in voter registration heading into the local wet/dry vote in Murray. Many proponents to allow Murray to sell packaged alcohol have used social networking to encourage Murray State Students to register to vote. However, Coursey says he has not seen a noticeable increase:

"There wasn’t much of a change: Going over the last five months I’ve gotten reports for may be a coupole hundred more since last January, but when you have a primary election like we did in May you expect some shuffling around"

June 18th was the deadline to register to vote in the July 17th  election.  In 2000 voters opted to allow liquor by the drink sales at restaurants. That vote was decided by less than 300 votes, a precinct home to many college contributed significantly to that margin.

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