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DUI legislatio?n pre-filed


A state lawmaker has pre-filed legislation for the 2013 session of the Kentucky General Assembly aimed at stiffening drunk driving laws. It’s not the first time the bill has been proposed.

Rep. Mike Harmon of Danville has sponsored legislation to create tougher penalties for repeat DUI offenders several times in Frankfort, but the measure hasn’t had a hearing.

“Currently you’re in a four-tier penalty system with a five-year lookback. So if somebody gets a DUI, it stays on their record on five years.”

Under Harmon’s bill, the DUI would stay on a person’s record for ten years and fines would increase on second and third offenses.

“There are still people who have received judgment on driving under the influence yet still ignore the law.”

Harmon, a Republican, says partisan politics are to blame for the legislation not getting a hearing in the Democratic-controlled state House. That could change with the fall elections, and Harmon says he may be willing to work with Democratic Representative Dennis Keene, who has failed to get his own DUI-related bill passed through the full legislature.

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