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Quarterly Alcohol Report Shows Increase in City Tax Revenue, DUIs

Toni Blay, Flickr Commons

Quarterly profits from alcohol sales in Murray are going up as the city continues to fill the number of package stores the state permits.

Murray Police Sergeant Kendra Clere says the city’s 8 percent sales tax on alcohol has brought in almost $193,000 since January.

Clere told the City Council yesterday that DUIs and alcoholic intoxication charges have also risen, but says she expects those numbers with more officers working DUI calls.

“They may go up for a short period of time, but eventually, they’re going to go back down,” she said. “If we weren’t enforcing them before and we’re overly enforcing them now, people are going to get the message that we are out there and they’re going to start finding alternate ways home.” 

The Council passed the first reading of the fiscal year 2014 budget. Projections put the city’s overall alcohol tax revenue at exactly $1 million.

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