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Edelen Finds Two Potential Threats in Christian County Audit

Christian County's Judge executive is making efforts to halt potential threats of fraud within his county's budgeting process.

Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen identified the threats in his annual audit.

Edelen says the first risk comes from consolidated bookkeeping in the county jail.

County Judge-Executive Steve Tribble says a single jail employee is responsible for multiple bookkeeping tasks, which gives the employee the chance to alter sensitive financial data.

Tribble says the fiscal court Tuesday recommended the jail adopt compensating controls.

“Our recommendation’s going to be that our jailer personally reviews statements that are prepared by that bookkeeper each month for the inmate fees fund, and just basically approve or disapprove it,” he said. “The oversight was not there and that would provide the oversight if the jailer personally does that.”

The audit also found the county violated the law after failing to pay debts within the required 30-day period. Tribble says it is difficult to pay debts that occur between the semimonthly fiscal court meetings.

Edelen’s office says their findings are important and should be taken seriously but they are fairly common in fiscal court governments.

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