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New Marshall County Health Department Building Set To Open In April

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After nearly doubling it's original budget to meet state building codes the new Marshall County Health Department should open next April. 

The project met a setback in the fall of 2011 when officials learned that the virtually completed building didn’t meet state building codes and wasn’t in compliance with Americans With Disabilities Act regulations. The board of health was forced to allocate an additional 2 million dollars from county reserves to bring the building up to code. 

Public Health Director Tina McCormick said the department is making the move because the old Benton offices are too small to accommodate the growing number of employees.  

"For years we've been trying to plan a new building to replace this one because we are way over our limit for people that should be working here as far as space," said McCormick. "We've got employees in modular units or trailers outside just to have enough room for everyone to do their job." 

McCormick said the larger working space in the building on US Highway 641 will offer additional features including a dental wing and private screening rooms.

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