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TN Lawmakers Inching Closer to 'Wine in Grocery Stores' Deal


A deal to let Tennessee grocery stores sell wine inched forward Wednesday in a state House subcommittee.  One of the last details to hash out is just how big such a store would have to be.

The core of the wine-in-grocery-stores deal has already been approved by the state Senate, and the House could take its turn later this month.  Backer Jon Lundberg says lawmakers still have to settle on just how small a store to include:

“We wanted to frankly exclude somebody like—not being facetious—a fruit stand on the side of the road," said Lundberg. "If they say, ‘Well, I’m a grocery store, I sell groceries,’ no, that’s not a legitimate grocery store.”

Two similar bills to allow wine in grocery stores have now won approval from the House Finance subcommittee.  This way, backers say if one bill fails, they have a backup plan.

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