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House Legislation Aims to Lessen Dog Fighting

Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain
Kentucky State Capitol, Frankfort

Dog fighting operators could be arrested if police observe the tools of their practice under a bill before the state legislature.  Under current law, police must actually see dog fighting activities before arresting anyone.  

Louisville Metro Office Lisa Nagel says dog fighting paraphernalia include blue barrels to house the animals, multiple pit bulls chained up apart from each other, breaking sticks, and treadmills.  She says the illegal activity is widespread in Kentucky.

“Dog fighting is a huge problem in the state of Kentucky," said Nagel. "It hasn’t received as much publicity as it needs, but it’s a huge issue.  A lot of times these guys will travel from state to state to fight or they’ll travel from city to city.  It’s happening everywhere.  Unfortunately, these guys are very good at keeping it quiet.”

Nagel says dog fighting is occurring in both rural and urban areas, but both are underground activities.  A full House vote on the measure could occur this week.

Stu Johnson is a reporter/producer at WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky.
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