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Murray-Calloway County Hospital Turns Around Finances, Raising Its Credit Rating

Whitney Jones

The Murray-Calloway County Hospital saw a much better year in 2014 than 2013, turning its finances around and earning a “stable” rating from Moody’s.

MCCH CEO Jerry Penner says the hospital like many others across the nation had negative ratings from the group. While admitted patients did increase nearly 4 percent at MCCH, Penner says that’s not the main reason the hospital’s finances improved.

“Yes, we had a good, successful year but it wasn’t all due to volumes,” he said. “It was more to do with efficiencies of what we had that came through the door.”

The hospital also received a high patient satisfaction score at more than 90 percent, which Penner says isn’t just a pat on the back. A high score increases the amount of money received from Medicaid.

Penner says although admitted patients increased this year, the hospital’s biggest challenge is continuing raise that number next year. He added that MCCH employees saw a 5 percent cut in pay last year due to budget constraints, and in the coming year that will be returned plus a 2 percent raise.

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