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Leaders of Both Houses of Kentucky Legislature Remain Confident About Heroin Bill


Leaders of both houses of the Kentucky general assembly remain committed to passage of legislation to address heroin problems. 

House Speaker Greg Stumbo and Senate President Robert Stivers appeared Thursday on WEKU's Eastern Standard program. Both men are confident that a heroin bill will be passed this session.

Efforts to pass heroin legislation last spring fell apart at the end of the session.  Neither leader is saying when final approval might come during the current session.

Stumbo says he's filed a bill aimed at creating discussion about legalizing medical marijuana. The eastern Kentucky lawmaker says his legislative district is home to the state's first school for autistic children. Stumbo says he knows of families who have gone to other states to seek care. "They have received, through a legal process, medical marijuana and the stories that they tell about the positive impact that its had on the child and the child's behavior, I mean, are just unbelievable stories," said Stumbo.

Under the bill, Stumbo says the non-smokable form of marijuana would be strictly monitored and participating doctors would undergo training. Senate President Robert Stivers is still seeking more information about the benefits of medical marijuana. "Until that developing field of study is finalized, I just don't think it's a subject matter that's somewhat premature for acting upon," said Stivers.