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Low-Income Heating Assistance Applications Open Today

Families in western Kentucky that are worried about heating their homes this winter can start applying for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP.  

West Kentucky Allied Services, Inc. started accepting applications from families whose last name begin with 'A' Wednesday. Families with surnames beginning with 'B' will begin Thursday, and so on from there.

Tony Dowdy is the assistant Director for Kentucky Allied Services, he says the program has a budget of $500,000.

"The first component, the subsidy component, it ends on December 11th," said Dowdy. "And then the crisis portion of the program begins on January 11th."

Dowdy says crisis funds won’t be awarded until the beginning of next year. He says the application process is slow and advises families to be patient.

The full schedule of application times are below:

  • Nov. 4  A
  • Nov. 5 B
  • Nov. 6 B
  • Nov. 9 C
  • Nov. 10 C
  • Nov. 11 Veteran’s Day
  • Nov. 12 D, E
  • Nov. 13 F
  • Nov. 16 G
  • Nov. 17 H
  • Nov. 18 H
  • Nov. 19 I, J
  • Nov. 20 K
  • Nov. 23 L
  • Nov. 24 M
  • Nov. 25 Staff Day
  • Nov. 26  Closed
  • Nov. 27 Closed
  • Nov. 30 M
  • Dec. 1 N
  • Dec.  2 O, P
  • Dec.  7 S
  • Dec.  8 T
  • Dec.  9 U, V, W
  • Dec.  10 X,Y, Z
  • Dec.  11 open
Nicole Erwin is a Murray native and started working at WKMS during her time at Murray State University as a Psychology undergraduate student. Nicole left her job as a PTL dispatcher to join the newsroom after she was hired by former News Director Bryan Bartlett. Since, Nicole has completed a Masters in Sustainable Development from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia where she lived for 2 1/2 years.
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