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Resolution Urging Congress Take Action on ‘Dark Money’ Passes House Committee

Sergey Kuzmin
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A resolution seeking a U.S. constitutional amendment on campaign spending limits is before Kentucky House members.  The measure aims to reduce so called ‘dark money’ in political campaigns.

The 2010 ‘Citizens United’ Supreme Court ruling opened the door for a significant increase in out of state sources of political contributions.

Louisville Representative Mary Lou Marzian is sponsoring the measure that could put a cap on such funds.

“They are dumping money right now into Kentucky, so out of state corporate polluters are spending money in Kentucky right now in some of our statewide races,” said Marzian.

Marzian’s resolution urges Congress to propose a constitutional amendment allowing Congress and States to set reasonable limits.  

Owensboro Senator Joe Bowen says out of state donations fall under ‘freedom of speech’ and can help counter some media coverage.  

“They can bias their message and leave a candidate vulnerable to the message they want to get out,” Bowen said.

Marzian has proposed her resolution every year since the Citizens United decision but she said the measure has never passed the Kentucky House.

Stu Johnson is a reporter/producer at WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky.
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