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McConnell: Military Coalition Needed to Address Terrorism

Stu Johnson, WEKU News

The U.S. Senate Majority Leader says a military coalition that includes American, European, and Middle Eastern countries could work to reduce terrorism. Mitch McConnell addressed the Richmond Chamber of Commerce Wednesday at Eastern Kentucky University. 

Leaders and citizens in countries around the world are continuing to react to this week’s terrorist attack in Brussels that killed more than 30 and injured more than 200.

Senator McConnell told chamber attendees that being passive will not solve the problem. “We have to deal with this. The alternative is just to continue to sit here and take it. You know, what community is next.”

McConnell says U.S. troops, along with military forces from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Britain, and France, could knock out terrorist territories in Syria and Iraq. “We’re gonna take out ISIS in Syria. We’re gonna set up some safe zones inside Syria, so the refugees will quick running.”

The veteran republican leader wouldn’t comment on the current presidential race. McConnell said only that he will support the Republican Party’s nominee. The veteran republican leader later added, that U.S. economic conditions wouldn’t change, no matter who’s the next president, if what he termed the ‘regulatory onslaught’ continues.