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Imes Aims to Curb Unnecessary State Regulations with 2017 Bill

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State Rep. Kenny Imes of Murray has pre-filed legislation for next year’s General Assembly session that would institute a seven-year expiration on all ordinary state administrative regulations.

Imes says the state has too much red tape on the books right now and his bill, if passed, will force government agencies and cabinets to review existing regulations over a two-year period.

Imes said the bill is inspired by Gov. Matt Bevin’s Red Tape Reduction initiative. He says Bevin has given the bill his blessing.

“He had no problem with it, in fact, applauded it because it’s just another avenue to get the state out of people’s way and let people do business and do commerce and run their personal lives like the Constitution provides for," Imes said.

"I do want to stress that the agencies have a two-year time frame to comply," Imes said. "We’re not just dumping it all on them, like they’ve got to bring them to us in 2017 once we pass the bill. So I think it’s realistic, it’s very approachable. I do think it will substantially cut down on the red tape.”

If the bill passes, any regulations that were effective before July 1, 2012 will expire on July 1, 2019. The bill would also establish requirements for administrative bodies that don't want certain regulations to expire.

Imes, running for re-election this year against Democrat David Ramey, says he expects the bill to have strong bipartisan support. The General Assembly convenes on January 3. 

John Null is the host and creator of Left of the Dial. From 2013-2016, he also served as a reporter in the WKMS newsroom.
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