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Senate Passes 20 Week Abortion Bill

Alix Mattingly

Legislation to prohibit abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy moves to the Kentucky House. The Senate voted 30 to 6 in favor of the measure Thursday. Senator Reggie Thomas, of Lexington, said no one favors or encourages abortions, but unwanted pregnancies will continue as long as there are men and women.

“I don’t think it’s our place, or the government’s place, to really interfere or mandate what that woman should do," Thomas said.

Senator Stephen West, of Bourbon County, said movement of the fetus can occur at 16 to 18 weeks, adding that amounts to viability. The bill, which provides for an exception to the 20-week limit in cases of "medical emergency," is considered a priority of the GOP majority. It will likely win final approval this week.

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