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Marshall County Judge Executive Vocally Opposes "Right-To-Work" Legislation


Marshall County Judge Executive Kevin Neal issued a statement this week opposing the recently passed ‘Right to Work’ bill.

Neal said that the bill is ‘dishonest’ - adding that most people don’t know that the bill would require unions to represent those who decide not to join or pay dues.


He said this is a sign that the bill isn’t about the “freedom of the worker” but about weakening unions. I-A-M is a union that represents several plants in Calvert City. Directing Business Representative Howard Dawes said he’s happy to see the Judge’s support.


“I was very happy to see it. That he opposes Right to work and did a very good job of explaining why and what it’s done for the workers of Calvert City and Marshall county and I think he understands that it’s going to be a bill that affects us and our ability to have a decent income.”  Dawes said.

Dawes said that he doesn’t know what to expect next with regards to how the law will affect workers. Neal went on to say in his statement that Right-to-Work also, over time, will depress wages and benefits, thereby worsening income inequality. He said he will never support the push by Governor Matt Bevin and those in the State house and Senate to weaken labor in Kentucky. Supporters of the legislation argue that will help the state attract business and jobs.





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