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Judge Dismisses Stumbo Lawsuit Challenging Bevin's Vetoes

belchonock, 123rf Stock Photo

A state judge has dismissed a lawsuit from former House Speaker Greg Stumbo challenging the legality of Governor Matt Bevin's budget vetoes. 

Franklin County Circuit Judge Phillip Shepherd said Stumbo can't sue the governor because he lost his seat in the state legislature in November. Shepherd said the court might have the authority to settle the dispute if Stumbo had won.

Last year, Bevin used his veto power to erase portions of the state spending plan, including an expanded preschool program and $9.4 million dollars in community college scholarships for high school graduates.

Stumbo argued the vetoes were illegal because Bevin filed copies instead of the original documents with the secretary of state.

Bevin argued Stumbo ordered the House clerk to lock up the originals so he could not file them.

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