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Senate Votes For Higher Campaign Contribution Limits

Sergey Kuzmin/123rf Stock Photo

The Kentucky Senate has voted to double the amount of campaign contributions allowed for some donors. The issue prompted emotional debate on the Senate floor Wednesday.

The measure increases the amount of individual contributions from $1000 to $2000 and sets the limit for political parties at $5000.

Opponents like Lexington Senator Reggie Thomas called it a rush to make Frankfort just like Washington.

“This bill says we need more money in politics, not less,” Thomas said.

Sponsor, Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer said the limits haven’t changed since 1993 and that the legislation is about an ability to write a check for $25 dollars or $2000.

“This bill is about free speech and our ability in this constitutional republic to express it," Thayer said.

Thayer said some states, including Indiana and Virginia, have no contribution limits. The bill, which also includes increased disclosure by adding another fundraising reporting date, passed by a 27-10 vote and heads on now to the House.

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