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Tennessee Senate Speaker Requests Comptroller Probe into ACT

Li Xuejun, 123RF Stock Photo

The leader of the Tennessee Senate wants an investigation into the ACT, which hasn't released scores from wrongly administered tests.

Speaker Randy McNally recently penned a letter asking Comptroller Justin Wilson's office to investigate ACT's nonprofit status, executive compensation, student information sharing and state contracts. The comptroller’s office said it will honor McNally's request and report what is determined.

ACT spokesperson Ed Colby sayid it complies with its nonprofit status and requires student authorization to give information to organizations providing scholarships, education, career help or financial aid. Colby said ACT is working to provide about 300 recently retaken test scores on extended college deadlines.

At Bearden High School in Knoxville and Alvin C. York Institute in Jamestown, students were given the Oct. 3 version on Oct. 17.

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