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Illinois House Approves Expanded 72-Hour Wait For Guns

Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Illinois House has approved a 72-hour waiting period for delivery of all guns after purchase.

The 72-44 vote Wednesday came on legislation that matches a proposal made two weeks ago by Gov. Bruce Rauner. But the Republican's plan was part of an amendatory veto that includes reinstatement of the death penalty in heinous crimes. Democrats oppose re-establishing capital punishment after abolishing it in 2011.


Rep. Jonathan Carroll's bill changes current law which requires a 72-hour wait for handguns but 24 hours for all other guns. He says there's evidence that someone who wants to harm him- or herself or others has time to cool down if forced to wait three days to get a gun.


The measure returns to the Senate because of changes the House made.


The bill is SB3256.

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