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Illinois Gov. Rauner Approves Streamlined School-Construction Pilot

Aleksey Butov
123rf Stock Photo

Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed a law allowing schools to use a streamlined approach to construction.

The Republican approved the legislation Thursday for a pilot program allowing schools to use a so-called design-build process.

It allows districts to hire architects, engineers and construction contractors as a team. Construction is quicker because the structure can start going up while later phases are still being developed.

The law allows five design-build projects approved by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Calumet City Democratic Rep. Thaddeus Jones sponsored the plan. He says national studies have shown that design-build projects are of lower cost, are completed more quickly and have solid quality.

Detailed reports delivered to the General Assembly must accompany such projects.

The bill is HB5593.

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