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$25 Million Secured In Funding Bill To Fight Asian Carp In West KY, Southeast U.S.

via USGS

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says $25 million has been secured to fight invasive Asian Carp in Kentucky and other states in Congress’s latest funding bill.

Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White leads an advocacy group, “War on Carp,” to combat the fish. He said the money will go towards contract fishing, research and subsidies.

He also said the Asian Carp infestation has hurt his county’s tourism, fishing tournaments, and commercial fishermen.

“People come down, they don’t want these things jumping in their face when they’re skiing, they don’t want them jumping in their boats and they choose to go other places,” White said.

A release from Mitch McConnell’s office said $2.5 million will go towards contract fishing.

Other states that could receive funding include Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama and Mississippi.

McConnell said Congress is expected to approve the government funding bill.

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