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Senate Leader: Pardon Commission Legislation Expected to Pass

LRC Public Information

The sponsor of one of the priority pieces of legislation laid out by Republican leaders in the Kentucky Senate said revisions are being made in the immigration related measure.  Those changes include exempting some agencies.

Senate Bill one includes language to prohibit local governments from adopting or enforcing any sanctuary policy regarding illegal immigration. 

Sponsor Danny Carroll noted the modifications seek to make clear police would not being called upon to step up enforcement, nor would civilians be asked to take action. “I think there were people out there that thought that the legislation would mean that they would actually be detaining people at their place of work, not having anything to do with law enforcement, never the intent of the bill,” said Carroll.

After speaking with a retired immigration attorney and others representing numerous agencies, Carroll said public health departments, domestic violence, rape crisis, and child advocacy centers plus public defenders’ offices would be exempted.   “In a lot of these instances these are people who are needing help, something traumatic has happened, there’s been abuse.  There’s been some type of assault and the humane thing to do is to exempt these folks and allow those agencies to take care of those issues,” Carroll explained.

The former state police officer added there’s been no communication with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE to make a change in law to allow for increased immigration related raids.  Carrol hopes the bill can be heard in committee next week.?

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