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AG Daniel Cameron Seeks Delay In Releasing Grand Jury Recordings

Erica Peterson

  Attorney General Daniel Cameron is asking for a one-week extension to release the grand jury recording from the Breonna Taylor case.

In a motion filed Tuesday in Jefferson Circuit Court, Cameron asked for time to redact personal identifying information from witnesses and other private citizens.

“The Grand Jury audio recording is more than 20 hours long, and our office filed a motion to request additional time, if the court permits it, to redact personally identifiable information of witnesses, including addresses and phone numbers,” said Elizabeth Kuhn, a spokesperson for Cameron, in a statement.

Former Louisville Metro Police officer Brett Hankison’s attorney has agreed to a one-week extension, according to the motion filed by Cameron.

Kuhn added that the judge is expected to rule on the motion today.

Judge Ann Bailey Smith on Monday ordered Cameron to release the grand jury recording by noon on Wednesday as part of the criminal proceeding against Hankison, who was indicted by the grand jury on three counts of wanton endangerment.

A grand juror in the case also filed a motion to release the recording and transcript, an extraordinary move that would unseal proceedings that usually remain secret.

Cameron has expressed concern that releasing the grand jury proceedings could jeopardize the case against Hankison.

Court records also show that 13 individuals named in the records have requested that their names, addresses and any personal information be redacted.

Prosectors and the defense have also agreed that Hankison’s address will be removed from the record.

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