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Beshear Reports Second Highest Number Of COVID-19 Cases & Deaths In A Single Day

Screenshot from Governor Andy Beshear's Facebook Live

Governor Andy Beshear today reported Kentucky’s second highest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in one day. Beshear confirmed 1,487 new cases of coronavirus and 21 deaths attributable to the virus. 

Historically, the most deaths reported in one day is 22. Of the new cases, Beshear said 186 are children 18 and younger. He said the positivity rate is 4.99%. The governor also said 794 Kentuckians are currently hospitalized, with 203 in the ICU (intensive care unit). 

Beshear said the virus’ third escalation is “very real” and is already more concerning than the escalation in July. He said the threat is greater because the state’s overall number of cases is significantly higher than it was in the summer, and because the escalation is national. Beshear said hospitalizations, ICU occupancy and deaths are also increasing. He said the timing of the escalation, as the weather gets colder and more people move indoors, also provides reason for concern. 

Beshear said people need to be more cognizant of gatherings and more diligent in wearing their masks the whole time they’re around others. He said contact tracing efforts in September and October discovered instances in which single events sometimes led to double-digit numbers of cases.

“One wedding connected to 44 cases, one family gathering connected to 14 cases, one college party connected to 63 cases, one Bingo hall event connected to five cases, one yard sale connected to seven cases, one funeral connected to six cases and one coffee gathering connected to eight cases and two deaths.”


In long-term care facilities, 70 new residents and 40 new staff members have tested positive. 

Beshear also announced an additional $780,000 in federal grant funding for public safety agencies in the fight against COVID-19. He said the grant money is going to law enforcement and public safety agencies to help protect Kentuckians against price gouging and scams. 

Beshear said people should vote early because “you are safer to go ahead and vote in the next couple days than probably what we’ll be seeing next week.” He said early voting helps social distancing efforts.

“Your voice gets to be heard while at the same time you get to stay safe,” Beshear said. 

Early in-person voting in Kentucky is now through Monday, Nov. 2. The general election is Nov. 3.


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