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State Rep. Attica Scott Encourages Kentuckians To Call On Elected Reps To Co-sponsor Breonna’s Law

Screenshot from the Amnesty International webinar

Kentucky State House Representative Attica Scott spoke Wednesday at an information session on Breonna’s Law co-hosted by the Murray State chapter of a human rights advocacy group. 

During the Amnesty International webinar, Scott said she pre-filed Breonna’s Law to support a “new generation of movement builders” born out of the protests following Breonna Taylor’s death. Taylor was shot and killed in her apartment by Louisville Metro Police during execution of a no-knock warrant. Scott said she sees the law as “common-sense measures” to keep people safe from police.

“I pre-filed Breonna’s Law for Kentucky, to end the use of deadly no-knock warrants across our Commonwealth, to mandate that officers submit to alcohol and drug-testing when they are involved with shootings and other deadly incidences and to require that officers have and use body-worn cameras when interacting with the public,” Scott said. 

Scott said 11 state legislators have co-sponsored the bill, along with 4,200 community members who have signed on as co-sponsors.

“I just want y’all to know that we have never done anything like this before with legislation in Kentucky where we’ve opened up the opportunity for community people to sign on to say that they support this piece of legislation,” she said. 

Scott said the goal originally was to get 2,600 community co-sponsors to symbolize Taylor’s 26 years of life. She said Kentuckians who support the legislation should check to see if their state representative is signed on as a co-sponsor. If not, she said individuals should reach out to their elected official. 

“I say often to people, it doesn’t matter whether or not you like the person, you agree with them, or if they’re your favorite state representative. If you believe that Breonna Taylor deserves justice, then your elected official should be signed on as a co-sponsor.”

Scott is a Democrat and represents House District 41, which covers part of Jefferson County.


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