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Fort Campbell Commander Warns Unvaccinated Soldiers That Their Summer Travel Will Be Limited

Fort Campbell

In an effort to encourage more soldiers to get their COVID vaccine and protect everyone from COVID-19, Fort Campbell’s commander says unvaccinated troops will not be able to travel freely over the summer. That’s when many take leave to see family for extended periods or even move between installations.

Maj. Gen. JP McGee held a virtual townhall Tuesday night and warned that his decision would be “unpopular.”

“If you are an unvaccinated soldier, you should not consider it business as usual as you start making plans with your family,” he said. “You will have to overcome a certain level in order to take leave.”

No decision has been finalized, McGee said. But soldiers may have to stay within a certain radius of the post on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line or agree to more oversight of their trip. But he says vaccinated soldiers pose almost no risk of returning with COVID, so they will be able to travel as usual.

Service members are able to turn down the vaccine at this point, since it only has emergency authorization from the FDA. Fort Campbell officers say roughly two-thirds of the installation has at least indicated they will get vaccinated. But they say that over the last two weeks, fewer and fewer have gotten their shot each day.

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