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Mission and Vision

Our Vision: “To inspire and empower a diverse audience by being a trusted and essential resource for information, culture, community, and regional growth as a critical part of the educational mission of Murray State University.”


Our Mission:

The mission of WKMS is to be an essential provider of trusted news, eclectic music, and civil discourse to an audience in the Four Rivers Region of Western Kentucky, Northwest Tennessee and Southern Illinois with a global digital audience. 

WKMS serves the public: a diverse audience of inquisitive listeners including people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, generations, political persuasions, geographic locations, interests and tastes.

WKMS is committed to reasonably grow and steward revenue from listeners, businesses, grants and Murray State University. A focus on diversifying revenue sources ensures the stability of this essential resource.

WKMS maintains ethical standards concurrent with the public media code of integrity.

WKMS content thrives to meet and exceed public media industry standards related to production quality and style.

WKMS is community centered and committed to being a noncommercial service in an environment of commercial interests.

WKMS strives to be viewed as an information source that listens and reports on social, environmental, economic and cultural, concerns.

WKMS will use new technologies when the costs and benefits align to improve services for our current and potential listeners.  

WKMS understands recruiting, developing, motivating and fairly compensating personnel is key to the success of its mission. Additionally WKMS staff must possess exceptional ability, character, and dedication. WKMS provides good working conditions, superior leadership, fair compensation, a sense of shared ownership and decision-making.