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Adequate Yearly Progress Not Consistent in Kentucky

By Jacque Day

Frankfort, KY – The Kentucky Department of Education has released the Adequate Yearly Progress report for 2009. The report details which Kentucky schools and districts met, and didn't meet, No Child Left Behind Standards. Schools and districts need to meet what No Child Left Behind calls "Adequate Yearly Progress." If they don't meet the AYP, there are consequences, classified in Tiers. In this report, the Mayfield Independent, Christian County, Hopkins County, Webster County and Union County districts are listed in various levels of Tier 3. A district gets Tier 3 status after having gone four years or more without making the required progress. Tier 3-classified districts are required to notify parents and revise the plan for district improvements. A similar tier system applies to schools within districts. Christian County Middle School, Hopkinsville Middle, North Drive Middle and Union County Middle have Tier 5 ratings on this report, indicating that at one point, the school went at least six years without meeting Adequate Yearly Progress. Even if a district or school is listed as having met the year's standards as have the Mayfield Independent and Christian County districts it may be listed in the consequence category. According to the Kentucky Department of Education, a district or school must meet the standard for two years in a row to lift the consequence designation.