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No Child Left Behind Report

By Tony McVeigh

Frankfort, KY – 60% of Kentucky schools are meeting math, reading and other goals of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. But that's down from 73% the previous school year. Education Commissioner Terry Holliday says that's probably because of constant adjustments to the goals.

"I think testing just gives you one indicator of where we are. I think parents should take that indicator and then meet with teachers and say, now tell me based on your daily work with this child is it reading comprehension, is it detail, is it analysis? What are my child's problems and how can I help my child?"

Almost 700 Kentucky schools met 100% of their NCLB goals, but 461 did not. Some schools that failed to meet their goals will receive state assistance. In some cases, parents with children in schools failing to meet their goals may seek to transfer their children to better performing schools.