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Kentucky Personnel Secretary on Furloughs

By Dan Conti

Frankfort, KY – Kentucky's personnel cabinet secretary told state lawmakers yesterday afternoon the governor's employee furlough plan was crafted with the intent to minimize its impact on those workers and the public. Nikki Jackson testified before the interim joint committee on appropriations and revenue. Even so, Jackson says it's been an 'incredibly difficult time in state government.'

"Particularly in the context of our role as an employer where for the first time we've had to across our enterprise, reduce the hours that our employee's work and as a result of that we are reducing their pay and reducing on some level our productivity."

Jackson says the six furlough days are part of the Beshear administration's efforts to reduce personnel costs by $130 million in the next fiscal year and $169 million the year after that. She says the cabinet has done its best to make sure the furloughs are fair for both merit and non-merit employees and the public remains safe. Jackson says human resource leadership groups have also been created to improve employee morale.