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Tater Day - Rebel Flag

By Rose Krzton-Presson

Murray, KY – Marshall County celebrates Tater Day today. The local holiday has grown into a multi-day festival and is known for a beauty pageant, carnival rides, and a parade in downtown Benton. The Tater Day parade is put on by the local Kwanis Club. But the festivities have gotten some flack because of the popularity of the Confederate flag. Tater Day Coordinator Patricia McWane says that Kwanis Club does not want anyone to feel offended.

"We do have one float that is in the parade and has been for several years. It's the Sons and Daughters of the Confederate. Of course, that is their heritage. They do fly those flags or wear them on their uniforms for that float. Otherwise, we do not allow those flags to be flown in the parade. Now, what people do in the crowd or the community, we can't control that. But Kwanis puts on the parade, so we can control that."

The Tater Day parade begins Monday at 11 on 5th Street in downtown Benton, Kentucky.