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the morning cram [so long, and thanks for all the fish edition]

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Associated Press

Apparently political candidates, unlike everyone else, really enjoy long goodbyes.

NPR reports people are beginning to question Rick Santorum's continuing campaign, as they have Gingrich and Paul's for a while.

Kentucky ~ In Graves County, drugs led to murder. Hemp support, not hemp itself, is growing.

Tennessee ~ Ramsey says there are more important things than guns in parking lots (like what?). Lawmakers just say no to medical marijuana. It's still not easy to get tenure for teachers

Gary Pitts is a music loving outdoorsman who coincidentally loves outdoor music. He is a student at Murray State pursuing a music minor to complement his history major. Gary is a member of the MSU Guitar Ensemble and greatly enjoys the Latin grooves he and the other ensemble members get throw down on. When he is not producing news, jamming on his guitar, or pursuing music history research, he is usually canoeing or biking somewhere in nature with his wife Siobian.
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