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Keeping Pets Safe During the Holiday Season

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  Think twice before giving pets bones to chew on during holiday meals. Licensed Veterinary Technician Racheal Shultz of the Murray Animal Hospital said to avoid giving pets any part of the meal, all together. Shultz said the biggest problem she encounters during the holidays is pets suffering from digestive problems after their owner slipped them food from the table.

Shultz said especially stay away from pork products, because they are hard on dogs’ and cats’ systems. Shultz also said to avoid giving bones to pets as they can splinter and cause damage.

“Their pancreas just can’t process those foods like ours can. So they end up with pancreatitis, just the inflammation of that (the pancreas). And that can be life threatening.”  
And for pets that get nervous around large holiday crowds, Shultz suggested using consider pheromone plug-ins.
“There’s actually plug-ins just for your walls, just like a Glade plug-in, that releases calming pheromones for dogs and cats, they make them for both.”


Shultz said to put the plug-in around high traffic areas in the home and to consider other treatments if the plug-in isn’t enough like anxiety medication.. She said boarding animals during parties is also an option.


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