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Parks Director ‘Overwhelmed’ By Community Response To Help Restore Murray Soccer Complex After Flood

Murray-Calloway County Parks & Recreation

  The Bee Creek Soccer Complex in Murray is making a timely recovery from major flood damages thanks to community support. Local businesses have donated thousands of dollars worth of time and labor towards clean up efforts.


Ryan Yates is the Murray-Calloway County Parks Director. He said after posting the extent of the damages on Facebook, the community response was “overwhelming.”


“This was probably the highest the waters ever got. I've been here four years and it's the highest it's ever got,” Yates said. 


Yates said Murray Construction and Real Estate and Parker Excavating donated time and labor to clean-up projects that could have cost the park department thousands of dollars. 


“A huge tree fell down. It was sitting there in the creek. If the creek were to rise again, we were afraid it was going to wash our bridge out,” Yates said. “We got a quote on how much it would cost the park to remove that tree. It was about $2,000. He did it for free.” 


There is still clean-up work to be done at Bee Creek Soccer Complex, but Yates said the fields are cleared enough for soccer season to start.


“It was the worst possible time to have a flood. Because, the kids haven’t been able to be down there with the pandemic and everything,” Yates said. “Here we are geared up ready to get going and then we have a flood come through. So we were happy to get them back in there.”


Hannah is a Murray State Journalism major. She found her place in radio during her second year in Murray. She is from Herndon, KY, a small farming community on the Kentucky/Tennessee stateline.
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