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Candidates for Kentucky’s 2nd District State Senate seat debated major issues during a Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce forum on Thursday, including teacher pensions, service sales tax and school safety. Danny Carroll is the Republican incumbent Julie Tennyson is the Democratic challenger. 

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Candidates running for District 3 State Representative addressed local and state issues in a Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce forum on Thursday.

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has appointed a new property valuation administrator for McCracken County.


U.S. Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul of Kentucky have joined a growing list of lawmakers who have had their private information made public.  The information leaks come as both lawmakers report increasing bouts of threat and intimidation.

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Tennessee's Supreme Court took up the question Thursday of whether a reporter can be sued for defamation when reporting fairly and accurately on a public proceeding.


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations says it's helping protect the innocent by not turning over documents to the public, a policy that's raised some eyebrows among state lawmakers and open government advocates.

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Gov. Bill Haslam said Thursday he is still deciding whether to grant clemency to a Tennessee inmate set to be executed next week.

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As more attention is focused on Tennessee's increasingly competitive Senate race, a flood of attack ads continues to flood people's screens.

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The leader of a health advocacy group says Kentucky isn’t investing enough in the prevention of cancer. 

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The wife of Republican U.S. Senator Rand Paul says her family has endured violence and threats at a “horrifying level” over the last 18 months.