Asia Burnett

Development Director

Asia has been hooked on NPR ever since first hearing Garrison Keillor talk about that extraordinary species: the English major. A Murray State gal through and through, she studied English and a whole slew of Liberal Arts as an undergrad and went on to get her Master of Business Administration. Asia worked as a legal secretary before following her passion for public radio to WKMS and becoming our underwriting representative for the Murray-Mayfield area this past year. In January, 2013, Asia moved from Underwriting Representative to Development Director.

She says getting to interact with uniquely thoughtful and intelligent WKMS listeners each day is a treat for both her and the businesses that lend their underwriting support. If you’re a business owner looking to underwrite with the station, you can find her grooving to The Jive House, drooling over Splendid Table or generally learning something new from WKMS. She also enjoys homemade guacamole, zombie reenactments, and Johnny Mathis Christmas music. 

Ways to Connect

Ready to Read?

Our next WKMS Book Club, in coordination with Paducah Life Magazine and the McCracken County Public Library is April 27 at 6:30pm via zoom.  

We'll be taking part in the Kentucky Reads program with Wendell Berry's Hannah Coulter. Award-winning poet and playwright Constance Alexander will facilitate the discussion.

April is National Poetry Month and we'll continue the tradition, started by Constance Alexander, of sharing poems from you on the air each weekday.

This year's theme is “Hope” – inspired by a desire for all of us to see 2021 as a better year than the one before. Hope for an end to sickness, hope for a healing of our nation, and hope for humanity to regroup, rebuild and reconnect to one another.

“The time is at hand for reckoning with the past, recognizing the truth of the present, and moving together to redeem the nation for our future.”  —Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

The Reckoning is a public radio and podcast series which traces the history and lasting impact of slavery in America by looking at how the institution unfolded in Kentucky.

Tuesday, February 23rd at 6:30 pm - it's your chance to hear from one of the producers of this powerful project, see data specific to Kentucky and it's history, and to ask your questions.

The WKMS Book Club is Back.

Last year was tough, but some of us may have found solace in the pages of our favorite reads. We're coming into the new year by reading two of the most-talked-about books from 2020 - and one from our own Ohio Valley ReSource - and getting together virtually to discuss. 

Next Up:

It's finally happened. The WKMS backup transmitter from 1979 is no more. And the main trasmitter from 1994 has had some challenges resulting in some off-air time for parts of the WKMS listening area earlier this fall. 

In a time where we're all a little stressed, sometimes it's nice to look to the good news. So, as Mr. Rogers said, we're "looking for the helpers".

Today we'd like to highlight Murray listener and art teacher, Ann Gosser. While "social distancing" at home, she started a video art class for other children in the community. With Vincent Van Gogh for inspiration, she helped guide young viewers through drawing pictures of their bedrooms.

April is National Poetry Month and we'll continue the tradition, started by Constance Alexander, of sharing poems from our region on the air each weekday. 

We're inviting anyone age 13 on up to write poems in sixty words or less, to be broadcast as Poetry Minutes. We'll take poems in any style, as long as they celebrate what "Home" means to you. 

Win This Bike!

Sep 20, 2019

People all around the region are getting inspired by the fall fundraiser! And GearUp Cycles here in Murray was inspired to give a Specialized bicycle (a $520 value) this week in honor of WKMS.

Anyone who has given this fall already, is a sustaining member, or enters (with or without a gift) before the end of the pledge drive on Tuesday, September 24th at midnight is eligible. 

After 13 years at WKMS - first as a student, then  "web guy," then News Director - Matt Markgraf is moving on to a new career as a project manager and business analyst. 

We'll miss his voice on the air and on social media and his talent for bringing us important stories that inform your day.

Matt says: 

Start your summer reading list.The WKMS Book Club is back!  Ah summer! Warm temps and cool reads. This year, the WKMS Book Club returns at the station (8th Floor MSU Fine Arts) with: 

Southern Lady Code: 
Tuesday, June 25th at 5:30pm