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While some educators might be tempted to shy away from discussing the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, for Ballard High School 9th grade civics teacher Abigail DeWeese, these events are front and center in the classroom.

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Concerns about food shortages and the dangers of grocery shopping during the pandemic drove more Kentuckians to try their hand at home gardening in 2020, according to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. 

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The state is creating a new committee called the Commonwealth Education Continuum to address gaps in the education system from pre-K to college.

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Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Sunday’s ruling from the 6th Circuit Court Of Appeals and block Gov. Andy Beshear’s executive order that closed private religious K-12 schools.

Private religious K-12 schools will be expected to close Monday, along with public ones, under a ruling from the U.S Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals handed down on Sunday. The panel of judges overturned a lower court decision that blocked Beshear’s executive order from affecting private religious schools.

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A federal judge has blocked Gov. Andy Beshear’s executive order halting in-person classes at private religious schools. Beshear issued the executive order last week, closing both public and private K-12 schools to in-person classes as a way to curb a surge of the coronavirus.

One private school, Danville Christian Academy, sued, backed by Attorney General Daniel Cameron, saying the governor infringed on the community’s First Amendment right to freedom of religion. In a Wednesday ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove agreed Beshear had overstepped.

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Kamala Harris made history not only as the first woman elected Vice President, she’s also the first Black person and the first Indian-American person to hold the country’s second-highest office. Her story is inspiring young girls across the country, including here in Louisville.

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Dozens of protesters gathered in front of Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s house Saturday night in suburban Louisville. They were calling on Cameron to resign over his decision not to recommend any charges for the death of Breonna Taylor. Police in riot gear confronted protesters, but there were no arrests.

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  Ahead of a vote to codify use of force policy, dozens of protesters participated in a long march across the city, continuing their call for police accountability. Since protests began in May, protesters have sought justice for Breonna Taylor. They also want systemic changes — changes to law and policy.

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Kentucky’s secretary of state Michael Adams is urging voters to take advantage of early voting ahead of Nov. 3, in order to help the election run more smoothly.