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Dozens of protesters gathered in front of Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s house Saturday night in suburban Louisville. They were calling on Cameron to resign over his decision not to recommend any charges for the death of Breonna Taylor. Police in riot gear confronted protesters, but there were no arrests.

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  Ahead of a vote to codify use of force policy, dozens of protesters participated in a long march across the city, continuing their call for police accountability. Since protests began in May, protesters have sought justice for Breonna Taylor. They also want systemic changes — changes to law and policy.

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Kentucky’s secretary of state Michael Adams is urging voters to take advantage of early voting ahead of Nov. 3, in order to help the election run more smoothly.


A lawyer for Breonna Taylor’s neighbors says they are pleased that a grand jury has decided to indict former Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officer Brett Hankison for putting them in danger by “blindly” firing into their apartment during a raid on Taylor’s home. But they don’t believe the charges go far enough.


The ACLU of Kentucky, the NAACP and others have filed a federal class action lawsuit against the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) and the city over what plaintiffs say is an “excessive use of force” against protesters. The ACLU and NAACP are representing several plaintiffs, including Kentucky state representative Attica Scott, who have participated in protests in downtown Louisville over the police killing of Breonna Taylor.

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  More than a third of Kentucky students don’t have adequate access to the Internet at home, according to a new study by Common Sense Media.

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The field hospital at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville has been ‘mothballed’, but could be reactivated in a week or less if Kentucky experiences a surge in cases of COVID-19, according to the Kentucky National Guard.

As other states experience surging cases of virus, Kentucky has so far maintained a “plateau,” meaning daily cases may go up or down, but average out over time.

  Protests across the state and the country against police brutality and structural racism have the attention of Kentucky education officials, including Ky. Lt Gov. Jacqueline Coleman. At Wednesday’s Kentucky Board of Education meeting, Coleman put forward several proposals, including statewide implicit bias training for teachers.


  The Kentucky Department of Education has released options and guidelines for graduation ceremonies amid the coronavirus pandemic, including virtual ceremonies, small in-person ceremonies and drive-in ceremonies.


Before state lawmakers left Frankfort this week, they passed changes to the school accountability system. If signed by the governor, the measure would scrap the state’s 1-year-old 5-star rating system, and replace it with a color-coded speedometer. The changes are modeled on California’s school rating system.